From the Editors
This is the first newsletter of the our new fiscal year, so please note the changes in the officers and chairmen in the masthead. We wish to welcome the newcomers and thank those who served last year.
Our budget for the new year was sup-posed to be published last month, but we have it below for your perusal before voting on it at the May General Meeting.
Looking at the calendar, in addition to the regular Saturday Jagerhaus lunches, we have activities nearly every weekend. Check out the flyers for details. We hope to see you all there


Our contributors have been helpfully busy again. Thanks to Marie Thomas for her report-ing on the London-to-Brighton Rallye. Pat Gas-ton had an unusual experience at the McClainís to tell us about and Rick Pullen relates the story of their experience on an earlier London-to-Brighton Rallye.
Finally, we have a note from the Derwood Schrotberger concerning his experience with a new thermostat housing. Itís always nice to have some technical content as well.

Keep Ďem on the road.




Pete & Fran


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